Creating email accounts


How do I create email accounts and how do I access the email accounts created?

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To create email accounts, please use the following steps;

Log into your cPanel.( Your cPanel link and login credentials are sent to your email upon registration. If you can find them please contact our support team via to have them resent)

  1. Scroll down to the email section

2.  Open email accounts

3.  Fill in the details to create an email account.

> Fill in the prefix of your domain name e.g. info, sales, name etc

> Fill in and confirm your password. Ensure you save the password somewhere. To create your password, use a mix of letters, symbols, numbers and characters.

> Select your disk quota as unlimited.

4.  Create the email account.

Remember, to log in to your email address use The link is also available on the cPanel welcome email.



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